Hegron de Carle specialise in superb quality industrial furniture for the home and office and Home Furnishings. Our industrial furniture is ideal for many different types of setting from country cottages, contemporary loft style appartments, modern homes to classical style environments. Our Home Furnishings cover items such as vases, table and floor lamps, bowls, candles and gifts. We are based in Marylebone in Central London and we are committed to selling the very best quality industrial furniture and Home Furnishings we can find.

Our design background and love of beautiful things ensure that we are sourcing wonderful industrial furniture and Home Furnishing pieces for our customers.
From stunning industrial coffee tables to superb industrial sideboards and industrial TV cabinets and to vases, lighting ideas and gifts, we have a range of pieces to suit many different requirements.
While we sell online we are very happy to see you at our Marylebone showroom.
We look forward to hearing from you!