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We have a wide variety of industrial chest of drawers for the home, office and commercial space. Our popular chest of drawers have helped furnish homes and commercial establishments across the globe. At Hegron de Carle we are committed to providing aesthetically designed industrial chest of drawers which maintain and build on the integrity of the design movement. We believe that by offering furniture of this design, the products we provide are of the highest quality in terms of aesthetics and build quality. Equally, our products do not compromise on functionality or range of use. The industrial design movement brings together sleek and sharp appearances. The material commonly used is iron, the hardwearing and durable material can be finished in a variety of glosses and paints to enhance and preserve the material. In the case of industrial design, colours such as stone grey, and black are typically seen in the industrial chest of drawers we offer. The movement is also known for creating imperfections, where the iron is moulded into odd shapes and in some instances stained to give the material a more worn and edgy aesthetic. In addition, iron is particularly ductile, meaning when put under stress, can be press formed into a wide variety of shapes and sizes making the application of iron in the design of industrial chest of drawers feasible.

A popular environment of use is the home space, where a chest of drawers provides brilliant storage facilities to households. This gives users brilliant functionality and proves popular among customers. Other environments include both the office and commercial space, where an industrially designed chest of drawers can substitute typical filing cabinets. The size of a typical chest of drawers is large, with many pieces offering as many as twelve draws, which gives space and flexibility to all users.